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Swiss Replica vs. Japanese Knockoffs ⌚

Understanding Swiss and Japanese Movements When Purchasing Watches.

Are you planning to purchase a luxury or signature wristwatch or even just a high-class wrist watch knock off? Some watch brands like Rolex can be a huge investment, so before swiping that card or writing that cheque, it is important to know what’s in store for you before deciding to buy the wristwatch of your dreams. You may opt to buy either an authentic watch or replica, but before doing so it is important to know if what you’re going to buy will be worth the money.

Considering buying an authentic or replica luxury watch? Get to know what’s in store and familiarize yourself with important details before you purchase Chopard replica watches.

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What We Offer

Ultra Durable In-House Clone Swiss Movements

We stake our excellent reputation on our Ultra Durable In-House Clone Swiss Movements, too. We have good reasons for doing so since these cloned movements are copied piece by piece from genuine movements. We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM applications, CNC laser precision machines, and modular molds for cloning genuine movements. 

Our topmost priority is the inclusion of high-quality movements into our watches since these are, after all, the most important components. Many will say that the movement is the heart and soul of a watch while the dial, case and bracelet form its body. We have Swiss master watchmakers who provide their valuable inputs in every phase of the clone watch production process, from design and development to actual production including testing. We only use COSC-certified movements, thus, making us one of only few watchmakers that use the automatic movements.

The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) standards and certification are considered as the highest in the watchmaking industry worldwide. The COSC certification standards are arguably the most stringent in the world so getting COSC-certified movements for clone watches is a feat, indeed. Every Clone watch from SWSR contains a modified ORIS SA Switzerland clone movement, which was produced in-house, and calibrated within the standards set by the COSC (i.e., -3 to +5 seconds/day). The entire Swiss-made movement has the same look, feel and function as the movement on a genuine designer watch, thus, it provides the same quality to the experience. We use genuine Swiss-made ORIS calibers for the modified in-house movements and genuine Swiss-made ETA or ORIS for our special parts, such as the cams and gears. These are 100% identical to their genuine counterparts so much so that these can be installed on genuine watches, too.

We have also made improvements so that our Ultra Durable In House Clone Swiss movements perform better, too. For example, these have wider wheel teeth and lubricated with five types of Swiss-made lubrication. The benefits of these improvements are aplenty, too, such as 5-year gaps between maintenance services; in contrast, even genuine movements require maintenance services every 2 years. The movements are also calibrated for greater timekeeping accuracy of up to +5 seconds/day, according to COSC standards. The cloned movements also have shock-resistant holders for better performance.

In some of our cloned watches, we use the same Swiss-made ETA movements used on genuine movements. For our Rolex clones, we use cloned calibers including 3131, 3135, 3156, 3186 and 3187.

Bear in mind that many prestigious Swiss watch manufacturers, such as IWC, Omega, Vacheron, Hublot, and Panerai, outsource their movements, usually from ETA. The only exception is Rolex, which uses in-house movements. For this reason, many non-Rolex replica and clone watches have ETA movements, the same ones found on genuine designer watches. The identical look, feel and function of clone and genuine movements are so uncanny that even a trained jeweler will have a challenging time differentiating between the two! We use movements like the Valjoux 7750, Unitas 6497, Poljot 3133, ETA 2824-2, and Lemania 861 on our watches – and these are also used on many expensive designer watches! The use of these world-class movements on our clone watches is just one of the reasons why SWSR Clones watches can be compared side-by-side with fine watches.

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Things to Consider When Buying Authentic or Replicas

Before purchasing a Rolex or other popular brands like Omega, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, and many others, it is important to know the features of the model you are eyeing to buy. Buying an authentic wrist watch can be a rewarding experience especially with the full features you will get, but there’s also nothing wrong in buying high-quality replicas that are as good as the real thing (with minor differences) for a much cheaper price. There are many available online discount stores that offer great choices for the discerning buyer. If an authentic luxury wristwatch is out of the question, then opting for something much affordable can be the next best step. Do note that when choosing knock-offs, some materials used will not be like the real thing, and the quality of the clone, including its functions and durability, will greatly depend on the price.

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Some replica watches may be available for 30 USD or more, some a couple hundred, and others will be priced for a couple thousand dollars, still much cheaper than the real deal. To get your money’s worth, aside from the materials, the features, and the quality of the watch itself, it is important to check on the movement. Most luxury watches are equipped with Swiss movements. Some replicas are also equipped with Swiss ETA movements while others have Japanese movements. It is important to know what this means, and how this will affect the quality and durability of the watch you are planning to buy.

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